MakeyMakey Music

Introduction: MakeyMakey Music

About: Un espacio maker trabajando con la ciudadanía y el barrio. Con la intención de acercar las nuevas tecnologías a todo el mundo.

We mix in the table a makey makey board, some crocodile wires and some electric conductive objects. With different interactive projects builts in scratch we create circuits to interact with the computer and with the objects to play music.


- MakeyMakey board

- Crocodile wires

- Conductive elements (fruits, people, play-doh paste, conductive ink...)

Step 1: Pedagogical and Maker Objectives


- Teamwork
- Communication
- Understand the connection between digital software and phisical objects


- Circuitry
- Scratch code

Step 2: Step by Step

1- Build in scratch some musical program like a piano or similar. (we can find examples in the scratch projects database).

2- We connect the makeymakey board via USB to the computer.

3- Use the crocodile wires to connect the board with the conductive elements.

4- Start to play music.

5- We can change from fruits to people. It's an interesting moment when they discover that as people we are conductive and serve as musical pieces.

Step 3:

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