MakeyMakey Operated Alarm

Introduction: MakeyMakey Operated Alarm

The Makey Makey Operated Alarm is an alarm created using household items, a makey makey, and a computer. It is a simple build that will probably take you around and hour to create.

Step 1: Materials:

  1. 2 Balsa wood planks
  2. Makey Makey Alligator Clips (9)
  3. Rubber Coated Wire (We tore apart an extension cord and it worked fine)
  4. Aluminum Foil
  5. Duct Tape
  6. A Makey Makey Device
  7. A Computer
  8. Thin Foam Pads
  9. A rug t eep it hidden.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

After you get your materials you cut the wood to the size of your door frame (or any size you want) all you need to do this is an exacto knife and a steady hand.

Step 3: Adding Padding

After your wood is the size you want it just get some cheap foam padding, just take thin pieces and place them on the wood leaving space in between them, put them were they will be in between the two pieces of wood. Then when there were you want them to be tape them to the wood so they are secure and don't slide around.

Step 4: Adding the Aluminium Foil

Next you get tin foil and put tinfoil in the spaces between the foam and tape the in place. Make sure you add this on both pieces of wood.

Step 5: Adding Nails

Now get some nails and tape then to the aluminium foil with the dull end sticking out do this on all tin foil strips. Make sure the nail is touching the foil so it can conduce electricity.

Step 6: Alligator Clips

Now clip an alligator to every nail and clip all the other ends to each other,so all of them are connected and connected to the alarm.

Step 7: Finishing It of

Last you clip one alligator clip to the ones on the nails then clip that one to the makeymakey bored(clip it to the click button).And put it in your doorway and hook the makey makey up to the computer.

Step 8: How to Set Up and Work the Makey Makey

After its all hooked up go to an online alarm and hover your mouse over the test button and when someone steps on the board the tin foils will touch and complete the electric current and click the alarm on causing a sound.

Step 9: Extra

You can change it up to you can add extra wiring so if your computers not next the door you can still reach it with the alarm.

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