MakeyMakey Tactile Messages

Introduction: MakeyMakey Tactile Messages

Write a note to someone and use MaKey MaKey to read it aloud!

Step 1: What Is a MaKey MaKey?

A MaKey MaKey is a board that turns any conductive object into a key on your keyboard! In this case we'll be using it to write letter using adhesive backed copper tape, then using our computer to read it aloud.

Step 2: Gather Your Ingredients

You will need:

MaKey MaKey board
Alligator clips
Adhesive backed copper

Special equipment:

Access to a vinyl cutter (we used a Roland GX-24)

Natural Reader
Vector editing software

Step 3: File Design

Decide on a cool message. We're using the text 'Love letter'. Hey, you never know.
If a letter is used more than once you need to design a file that connects the two letters somehow.

Design Workflow (Corel Draw X5)

1. Type your message .

2. Convert to curves.

3. Change Fill to "No Fill." Change Outline to "Hairline."

4. Connect letters as necessary.

5. Export to .pdf for vinyl cutter.

Step 4: Vinyl Cutter

Cut your copper and use transfer tape to apply it to a surface!

Step 5: Mapping Your MaKey MaKey Keys

Download and open the Natural Reader software. Under the settings menu, designate a Play/Stop hotkey. I'm using 'M' but you can use any key you want as long as it's not already being used in your message.

No need to reinvent the wheel - read for information on remapping your keys, and change your keys to each of the letters you'll be using. If you have more than 18 letters (including space!), you will need two boards.

Relevant snippet of my code is pictured. Don't forget to upload your new code to your MaKey MaKey!

Note: I had an uploading issue with my MaKey MaKey and had to use their asinine remapping system, available here: . This code should work for most people though.

Step 6: Pulling It All Together

Assemble as shown! Bet you can't see where I screwed up ;)

In this case, the little heart at the end is acting as the enter key. Start up Natural Reader and touch each letter while touching "EARTH".

Obviously some improvements could be made so stay tuned for a future Instructable with a more elegant build!

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