Introduction: Making 2 Different Animals With Tinkerkad

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i might add more!! coment down bellow suggestions!! all of theese us the same base: Sphere, granny body shape thing and 2 half circles.

Step 1: Making the Preset Bod

use a sphere (as shown above) then raise it and choose a color for our bear.

Step 2: Preset

add a granny bod under it in the same color. (idk what shape it is)

Step 3: Ffettttt

add half circle feet

Step 4: Ears and Face

add scribble ears and face, adjust size and deph to fit. done!

Step 5: Kat!!! Mew!!

take apart bear and change color. add triangle ears and scribble tail. add face. done!! mow cat lovers!! roar bear lovers!!! woof dog lovers!!! love yall!!

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