Introduction: Making a Movie With Only an IPhone

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a movie or video using only your iPod or iPhone for little to no budget. I decided to make this instructable because my cousin saw me playing around with a video of my little brother using toy guns in after effects, so she challenged me to make a video with good special effects using only my iPod. After the project was finished I made this

Step 1: Materials

Most of the things you will need are apps and some are optional -splice is an app that's kinda like windows movie maker. Without this app, you have nothing. To get it working you have to go into settings-privacy-photos and turn splice on. -if you want crazy action movie special effects with explosions and stuff, get action movie fx. Get all the free effects in this, and if you are buying something, make sure it's something your going to use - efexio. This one is probably my favourite, you can add zombies and aliens and dinosaurs to your videos. The same rules for this as action movie fx -for those of you who are ok with spending money on the project get gun movie fx. It's got some great gun effects -there are many green screen apps on the App Store. These are not required but can be very helpful for certain things. All you need is a plane wall and good lighting. As long as the app can do videos you are good to go -cinefy is a pretty good app also. The animation as good as action movie fx or efexio but all the effects are free and there might be a few things there that you might need and won't find anywhere else. - if you want to add the tumbler to your videos get the dark knight rises fx -a good app for some first person shooting scenes is real strike. I believe this a free app - I suggest getting something for slow motion like slopro -if your doing a horror movie with leather face or a girl being possessed and floating in mid air get horror movie maker - and last thing you need is a tripod for your iPod. To can build one by cutting the top off of your iPod/ iPhone case and glueing the case to a tripod. You can then slide your iPod/iPhone into the case and start filming. You don't need need one of these but it definitely helps, especially when you are filming by yourself

Step 2: Filming

Before you start filming, you have to be prepared. Do you have a story? if mot make one, it would'nt be the most entertaining video with out a story. Make sure to have a location to film that suits the scene. If your making one of a deserted city you don't want cars driving in the background. Make sure to take many shots, not just one continuos boring scene, that ruins it, and make sure the actors know what to do and when. Also try to keep your camera steady

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Using splice you can compile all your snipets into a movie or video, add music, sound effects and so on. Once you are done you can export it to your camera roll and send it to YouTube, or family members or do whatever you want with it