Introduction: Making a Round Cut on a Band Saw

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Unfortunately I didn't think about documenting this until afterwards. But I hope this is of use to someone.

Step 1: Prep and Layout

First get your board that you want to use. I selected an old piece of scrap ply that had a good enough area in the middle for what I wanted to make. Draw your circle and lay out boards to cover the line.

Step 2: Attach the Wood

Going around the circle I drilled pilot holes and attached the ply surface to the wood frame.

Step 3: Find Your Center

I had already done this when I drew the initial circle on the top of the board. I completed the pilot hole and put a screw all the way trough to use as a pivot point.

Step 4: Set Up the Band Saw

Set the height of your band saw guide to a height just higher than the wood frame and the ply. Account for any angle that you may want to use. Conduct your rough cut to get you within an inch of the circle at any point. You only need to get close.

Step 5: Set the Round on the Pivot

Making sure that the bottom pivot point is securely clamped, set the pin (screw) on the bottom screw. Make sure there is a little bit of room for the band saw to turn on without binding.

Step 6: Just Keep Turning

Slowly turn your "platter" and make full rotations and you will see your circle develop. After the first rotation, turn the saw off and make a slight adjustment to the extension arm. Turn the saw back on and keep turning. Repeat the adjustments until you have matched your original line.