Introduction: Making a USB Eraser!

This guide shows you how to make a case for your USB out of a rubber, giving you two of the most important things in one (being able to save stuff and change errors)!

Step 1: Find a Suitable Rubber and USB

You'll probably have a spare rubber lying around or else you can easily buy one.

The same applies with a usb, but the smaller the better as you will have more of the rubber left over!

The easiest way to do this is just by looking at the rubber and the USB and seeing if you think it will fit, or else you can measure it.

Nice and easy!

Step 2: Measure Twice; Cut Once!

This is to find out where you will cut the rubber so the USB will fit.

You can just line the USB up from where it goes into the computer with a matching point on the rubber. This can be done with a pen or tape (if you don't want to leave a mark).

Once you're sure, you can cut it!

Step 3: Cutting Into the Rubber

To do this you need to measure the fattest bits of the USB and you can mark the knife (or drill...) how far it will go into the rubber. You can then mark the with and height of the USB on the rubber.

Now cut on the place where the USB will fit.

You can do similar bits on the left over bit of the rubber if you want a lid for the USB.

If the USB is a weird shape, you can use off-cuts of rubber to make it fit better.

- Cutting can be hard (and dangerours (both to you and the rubber)).

You may choose to use a drill or similar for a more precise cut.

Step 4: Finished!

You can now put the USB into the rubber (brute force may be necessary).

and know you will both have storage and the rubbing out ability all in one.

It's the ultimate thing!

Thanks for reading!!! Good luck with yours!

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