Introduction: Making Air Compressor

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On our 61th project, we made an essential tool for every workshop. The construction that we have created this time is an air compressor. Even though it is a common tool, it is useful for cleaning as well as using tools that air compressor is required.

Step 1: Start

Firstly, regarding the machine that compresses the air, we used a compressor taken from an old air-condition and for compressed air tank, we used an old bottle of propane. Although, this construction is relatively easy to be made, a lot of dangers are lurking so it is required to be careful and experienced. Taking the bottle of liquid gas, we first unscrewed the valve in order to remove the residues from its content. Then, we filled it up with water to clean its content completely and remove any other liquid or gas included in the bottle. Next, we made some holes where it was necessary and we conglutinated some rusks in each hole. These rusks have the same fold like the accessories that we put in a later stage of our project.

Step 2: Checked and Tested

The dangerous part of our construction is at this point, where the air tank is located as any tank that accepts air needs to be checked and tested in a safe way to ensure that it can handle more pressures than the daily amount of pressures as there is the risk to be violently exploded and cause serious damages and injuries. Therefore, after finishing with the conglutination on our bottle, we sealed it and we tried it with water pressure so that if it is exploded, it won’t be so serious and violent. We tried our bottle at the 25 bar. For extra safety, we used a safety valve regulated at the 8 bar and we also used an electronical switch that stops the compressor’s function when the pressure reaches the point we set.

In another socket, we placed a pressure controller connected to two other holes, where the tires are located as well as the tools. At the bottom part of the tank, an air faucet was placed that was opened to clean the tank from the air and the humidity that was collected due to the compression.

Step 3: Socket

Lastly, at the last socket that we made on our tank, we connected the tank with the compressor so that the air, which pressures the compressor, passes through the tank. At this stage of our procedure, we should mention that to make the compressor work between the connection of the tank and the compressor, a blow off valve should be used to prevent the air from the bottle to return back to the compressor. Additionally, when the function of the compressor stops, the compressed air remained in the compressor is removed to enable it to restart easily when it is instructed.

Step 4: Video

Finally, it is a very interesting and easy project that needs great cautiousness to avoid any dangers lurking. Even though the compressor taken by a broken air condition has the ability to compress up to 35 bar, we regulated it to work up to 8 bar, which is sufficient for the use that we want it. Also, a final tip from us, using a compressor taken from a fridge is also good as you will get a very silent machine.