Introduction: Making Bi-light Your Bedside Lamp

I was not very happy with my bedside lamps and I was thinking to replace them. I wanted to give one last chance so I decided to improve them with some light effect without spending much.

With less then 30 bucks I achieved a nice result.


Old bedside lamps or desk lamps or whatever similar (of any shape as long as accessible from the bottom and with some space inside)

1 Energy Saving Light Bulb

1 Led strip 1 or 2 meters long, waterproof 5050 IP67 110 V (the color you like or RGB Led with remote control or dimmable. I chose a 2 meter fixed color blue with 60 led / meter)

1 led strip power cord

drill with bits (optional)

Hot glue gun (optional)

Step 1: Disconnect the Lamp From the Power and Let's Begin

You can start from an old bedside lamp or desk lamps or whatever similar in plastic, ceramic or glass material. The important thing is the lamp body should allow the light to shine through, better if made of easy drillable material.

Disconnect the lamp from the power.

If inserted, remove the light bulb (it can break doing the next steps)

Now, if you can, drill as many holes as you want and of different diameters arranged at random.

Step 2: Inserting the Led Strip

Start inserting the waterproof led strip by wrapping it randomly inside the bed lamp body, taking care to leave the space necessary to reinsert the light bulb and screw it back.

May be you can need to fix the led strip with a bit of hot glue.

Note : DO NOT use strip led different then the suggested because wrapping them could cause short circuits when turned on.

Step 3: Completing

Connect the power cord to the led strip and let only the power wire come out from the body lamp.

(I took the opportunity to replace the energy Saving Light Bulb light 110 V. I found an energy Saving Light Bulb warm light 220 V: it can light up with 110 V and it is perfect for the night, emitting a soft yellowish light that does not disturb at all.)

Reinsert the light bulb.

Step 4: Connecting

Now we will have two plugs coming out of our lamp: let's connect them to the AC power socket!

Step 5: Final Test

Here is the result, three options:

1 only low energy light bulb.

2 only LED strip on.

3 both on (light bulb and led strip )

The visual effect of the photo doesn't do it justice, but I have to say it changed my bedroom.

Whooow! What a beautiful light effect!

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