Making Bird's Photobox and Cage From Old Crates !



Introduction: Making Bird's Photobox and Cage From Old Crates !

I got some old fruit crates for free from a local store and i have some ideas for awesome constructions, that i'm going to show you below

Step 1: Making the Photobox

For the birds breeders like me, it's important to have a photo album of their birds. So for better photos i need a background, the solution for this is a photo box ! You can also buy something like this, but today i'm going to show you how to make it for free !

Step 2: Starting

First, i got a wooden crate and i fit it in semicircular shape a green cardboard

Step 3: Cover the Gaps

Then to cover the gaps in the side, I placed a piece of thick cardboard

Step 4: The Door

On the front side where it will enter the door, and on the door, i stuck four strong magnets for fast and automatic closing.

Step 5: Add the Leds

Last stage of the construction is the lighting, So for lighting I placed 6 led lights and for power supply 4 AAA batteries. (With thiw method I achieved powerful lighting and the ability to take it with me in the pigeons which I have no power)

Step 6: The Switch

Here we see the battery and over them the switch which has three lighting options (low light, strong light and flashing)

Step 7: And It's Ready!

It's done ! check out the result !

Step 8: The Cage

For making the cage, first you have to join two crates together and then to remove the bottom from only the one. After that cover all the gaps with wire grid.

Step 9: Finishing the Cage

For finishing the cage you just have to add some twigs and feeders(for water and seeds).

Thats it ! your pet bird will enjoy it !

Thanks for your attention !

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