Introduction: Making Captain Marvel Vest Armor

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Alright, so you've decided to transform yourself into Captain Marvel!!
There are so many ways to attempt the armor or overall suit, whether sewing or making armor separately; this is just how I made mine.

The vest itself cost me about $20, if you don't put in the Contact cement
Let's go over the supplies and how custom patterning works


6mm EVA Foam- TNT Cosplay Supply-

Creative Clay Compound-

Contact Cement-

Plasti Dip-

Red, Blue, and Gold Spray Paint, it doesn't seem to matter which brand

Step 1: Patterning and Foam

Disclaimer- I lost a few photos in my process of making this, but please, if you have any questions leave them below and I will gladly help you out!!

I started by putting a trash bag over my body form and covered it in duct tape and masking tape.

After doing that, I used many referent photos of just the vest itself and added marks where it needed to end. (It was very generic, it's not supposed to be spot-on accurate, many adjustments will be made along the way to fit your body) After marking where I needed to cut the general vest shape, I cut it off the dress form with scissors.

Now comes the next part where modifications will be made. After cutting it off the body form I had to increase the bust size slightly and added more room to the sides to fit me better; it's quite rare to be accurate in size to a dress form, since most dress forms like these are mean to displaying.

After adding space to the top your pattern is still just a taped shape. Now to make it a pattern, to flatten a rounded shape you need to cut wedges, if you need more information on this I recommend this video-

I'm going to be honest, I will be making a V2 of this vest, and when I do I will be patterning off my own body instead of the body form just for accuracy and lessening the adjusting.

After laying out the handmade patterns, now you're ready for the foam!

I did this with 10mm and 6mm, from these experiments, I recommend the 6mm.

I layed out the patterns on the faom, traced with a silver marker and cut out with a razor blade; then lastly, glued it together with that magical stuff we know as Barge Contact Cement.

And on to the next step we go!

Step 2: The Star and Details

So there's this magical clay compound that I love. It's affordable, handy, very multi-useful, and the possibilities keep growing

I used this compound (linked in the supplies list) to make the star for the chest, I'm not a sculptor by any means, and I was quite happy with the outcome. All I did was refer to reference pictures and sculpted it with just my hands.

What I love about this clay foam is after it dries (24 hrs or more) it is sandable, paintable, glueable and works really well for not only making the star but I used it to fill in the seam gaps on my top armor (instead of using qwikseal) and it worked really well! I just waited for it to dry, lightly sanded and plasti dipped + painted it the next day

And as a side note, glueing the star onto the foam armor worked like a dream, it was super sturdy and looked nice painted!

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Next and last step is to plasti dip and paint the corresponding areas with the right colors, easiest part by far XD

I sewed the side panels and they attach to my body with velcro

Yayy!! So we got this far!

I learned so much from making my own armor and creating my own patterns. I plan on attempting this again to better my skill set and cosplay but I'm happy with the turn out!

I'm so sorry I lost a few photos in this process but if anyone has questions please don't hesitate to ask, I'd love to help!!

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