Making Corona Drinking Glasses Out of Bottles




Introduction: Making Corona Drinking Glasses Out of Bottles

Here is an easy way to make some drinking glasses out of regular beer bottles. To make it a great gift simply get a six pack cardboard holder and you have the perfect present for the man in your life.

Step 1: First Make a Simple Jig

For this jig all i did was take a piece of left over pine. I purchased four guides for screen doors (the metal ones are best to avoid breaking under pressure). And an "L" bracket.

I secured them all to the piece of pine creating a bed for the bottle

Step 2: The Glass Cutter

For the glass cutter, I simply cut a slot for the cutter to sit firmly and put secured that piece of wood to the jig and this piece can be moved to adjust for wine bottles or different size beer bottles.

Step 3: Cutting the Glass

For this step with one hand turning the bottle the other hand held the glass cutter firmly against the bottle.

I scoured the bottle about three times

Then all i had to do was run it under boiling water then immedietly under cold water and the top popped right off.

Then just sand the edges and voila!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I remember we could buy commercially made jigs for doing this back in the 70's. Cool job and finally a good use for Corona since it isn't fit to drink, lol.