Introduction: Making: Dalgona Coffee

This is a really simple, delicious recipe to make this South Korean, sweet iced coffee.

You don't need any expensive ingredients or coffee making equipment (just an electric whisk, as doing this yourself will be very difficult).

Make sure you have the below supplies:


x2 Tablespoons of freeze dried coffee granules

x2 Tablespoons of sugar

x2 Tablespoons for water

1/2 glass of Milk Ice Cubes to fill

Hand mixer with Whisk setting

Glass to serve

Step 1: Youtube Video Recipe

For those who like their videos, check out our online video methodology here:

Step 2: Make the Coffee Mixture

Mix together the coffee granules, sugar and water in a medium sized bowl.

Using your hand mixer, begin mixing the ingredients together.

Do this on a high setting for several minutes until the mixture becomes a lot lighter and mousse like in texture

Step 3: Pouring the Drink

Add milk to ice cubes and fill up to 3/4 of the way leaving space for the coffee mousse mix

With a spoon layer the coffee mixture on top of the milk until it forms a head on top.

Step 4: Mix & Enjoy

When you're ready to drink, take a spoon and mix together so the whole drink is light brown and thoroughly mixed together.

There you have it, it's all ready for you to enjoy!

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