Introduction: Making Double-Sided PCB With Heat Toner Transfer Paper

Making pouch with printed paper and put copper board into there is the popular method for aligning.

The transferred toner on The Heat Toner Transfer Paper is easily comes off when rubes each other or be rubbed by copper board.

So, making pouch method is not good method.

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Step 1:

Make insulated vias at the lower left and the upper right of the PCB pattern.

Step 2:

Print out PCB pattern in draft mode.

Step 3:

Put the draft printed PCB pattern on the copper board and mark punches for drill.

And make drill holes there.

Step 4:

Make pin holes at the insulted 2 vias on the transferred toner.

Step 5:

Skewer the toner transferred paper, drill holes of copper board and wood board with insect pins.

Step 6:

Tape the Heat Toner Transfer Paper to the copper board then put off the pins.

Do in a similar way at the other side.

Put into the laminator to transfer toner to the copper board.

Step 7:

Etched and cleaned.

Step 8: