Introduction: Making ESP8266-01 Module Breadboard Friendly

One of the most annoying problems of the ESP8266-01 module is that it is
not possible to plug it into a breadboard for fast prototyping.

Today I was discussing with another Arduino fan and we were looking at existing solutions to this common problem. All the existing solutions were complex to implement or are costing more than the ESP module itself.

I ended up with a smart and free solution with no additional hardware required.

The solution is easy and requires only a small screwdriver to remove the plastic spacers and pliers to bend the ESP's pins.

Step 1: Remove Spacers

First of all you need to remove the plastic spacer.

A small screwdriver can be used to shift and remove the spacer.

Step 2: Bend Pins

Now you can bend the pins as described in the pictures. I have uses small pliers to get a 'Y' shape.

Step 3: Hook Up It to Your Breadboard

Now you are ready to plug the ESP8266-01 module to your breadboard.

The technique leave a small space under the board to connect it using jumper wires and resistors.