Making Flowers With Ribbon




Introduction: Making Flowers With Ribbon

Construction of flowers with ribbon, very simple example, with the help of a fork can tie simple and elegant flowers. But if you want to create more complex Rabbani flowers can use a template. As shown in this tutorial, you will have no excuse .dyg·h, the flowers are used to decorate it.

Equipment for the production of flowers with ribbons: satin ribbon of color that you want to pattern made with cardboard and flossing needle beads or pearls scissors Adhesive

Step 1:

Methods of making ribbon flowers
1) pattern on a piece of cardboard Bbrydv middle hole pattern.

Step 2:

2) Wrap the ribbon around the template.

Step 3:

3) Secure the ends of the ribbon in the middle of the pattern and sew.

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

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    Wow. These look great. About how long does it take to make one?