Introduction: Making Geometric Pendants!

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Hello guys!

If you read my blog, then you know, that I have this pretty neat idea of Wednesdays - namely, that they are like mini-Saturdays, so you can chill, relax and treat yourself with doing something creative. Not too big, but enough to take your mind off everyday problems. :)

I decided to share one of the ideas of the mini-Saturdays here, on Instructables as well, because... Well, because it's fast and fun to make, enough to take a break from the weekday madness!

I absolutely adore polymer clay, as a crafting material, it's so versatile, and you can make so many things from it easily! In this Instructable I will make geometric vivid polymer clay be used in making stylish necklaces and dressing/marking key chains!

It is also a great project to involve the kids a bit, not the cutting, but I bet, they are masters of the rolling pin! :)

Step 1: Here's All That You Need...

What you will need to make geometric pendants:

  • polymer clay
  • rolling pin
  • regular knife
  • toothpick/needle
  • an oven
  • chain / keyring / whatever you want to hang your awesome creations on!
  • optional: pliers! (my rings were not too hard to widen with bare fingers, but who knows, yours might be a bit more stiff)

For the polymer clay, I used Fimo's flesh, cherry red and sunflower colors. I think you can easily access these products in your local crafty shop, but you can also find them online:

(These links are affiliate links, which means that if you decide to buy using these links, you are supporting me with a small percentage of the paid amount. This, however does not change the amount you have to pay for the products :) - if you prefer not using affiliate links, just use the search bar to look for the products I linked ^^)

Step 2: Slice, Ball, Roll, Cut!

This one is more of an idea, than a complicated DIY guide, since it's so simple to explain, that I basically plan to only guide through the things that are worth paying attention to when making these pendants. :)

This is how you you will make your pendants:

  1. Cut 3-5 mm slices from the clay bar
  2. Roll them into balls
  3. Use the rolling pin to make a nice, even surface of it
  4. Use a knife to cut the edges off to make it geometric
  5. Grab a toothpick/needle, make a tiny hole on the top of your design
  6. Put them in the oven on 110 C (230 F) for about half an hour
  7. Wait for it to cool, then you are ready to make things from them! :)

Very simple, right? :)

Step 3: Tips, Tricks, My Failures!

...most importantly, my first impression was - 'Oh dear, everything is getting red from the clay!' - it's a bit of a hassle to clean it, so make sure to do this project on a surface that is for crafting :)

X-acto knife is so hard to use to slice the edges! Now - it might have been my own x-acto knife's fault, but it just kept gathering all the clay on it. So what I did was got a nice, sharp kitchen knife - it worked wonderfully.

All fingerprints show on the clay, so you might want to get the help of a big blade knife to scrape them off the surface you are working on to get them in the oven.

Being impatient with clay is not a good thing - as you see, if you scroll up a bit, my red necklace pendant got a bit of a 'bubble-action' going on in it. I was too impatient and for the first attempt, turned on the heat... Just a heads up for those who are too excited when making projects, just like me! :)

Step 4: Use It to Be... a Necklace!

Time to see what you can use these pendants for! Of course, there are many other ways to show off your new creations, I am always open for suggestions ( I still have some leftovers to use! ), so just leave a comment about your ideas! :)

Most obvious choice is jewelry, of course! :)

Step 5: Use It to Decorate Keys!

I find it really gorgeous to decorate my keys with them, they are so stylish, and have a nice touch :)

Step 6: Use It to Identify!

First I thought it is a nice way to mark keys of different purposes... Like for the house, garage, work...etc.

Then I came to realization, that it's a nice way to mark wine glasses for example on parties as well! For that though, you have to add a bigger, easily openable ring to your chain, so they will be removable from the glasses. Sadly, I don't have photos for this (not much of a party person I am - plus I never drink alcohol), but I'm sure you know what I mean! :)

Step 7: Where a Thank You Is Due...

Thank you guys for following along on this very simple Wednesday tutorial! I hope to see some of you making something from polymer clay, it is an awesome medium to let the creativity flow! :)

If you have any addition or ideas about my explorations about geometric clay pendants, please, let me know, I am always to eager to hear your lovely thoughts about my projects! :)

If you are interested in more tutorials, my illustration journey or my pretty findings, please do visit my blog and leave a comment that you found me. :)

Now it's time to have a nice, creative day!

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