Introduction: Making Good Modern Art

Modern Art is a strange style off art.  You can easily do it but it is very hard to do it well.  Today, I will show you a good way to make such art like so.  I will be using a program called Deviant Art Muro.   

Step 1: Step #1: Main Layer

The main layer is possibly the most important layer.  It is a background that should bring out the color of the rest.  So I used Orange for this drawing.  It is good to have negative space. Mainly highlight towards the center.

Step 2: Step #2: Splatter Technique

The splatter technique is a very good technique for modern art.  It adds more character to the background.  Use a different color this time, too.  Although, multiple colors is better than one.

Step 3: Step #3A: Go Crazy!

This is probably the most fun step.  In this step, you get to add as many random things as you want to the first layer.  Remember, you do not want to be adding trees and dogs because too much of that will take away the strange, abstract feel of modern art.

Step 4: Step #3B: Center Point

An interesting way to add a feel to your modern art is to use something I call a center point.  If you look at my previous step you will see I have a few starfish-shaped things.  I center the same style of art around that one point so it will make these cool shapes. You can also make it in shapes like an X.  This is optional.  I have a picture of one of my center points.

Step 5: Step #4: Words

A big way to express what you were thinking in modern art is to put a few words on the art.  In my intro you may see a few "Meow"s.  This is just a good way to add character to your art.

Step 6: Step #5: Showing It to Other People

If you did your art on the computer, like me, now is the time to hit that "Publish" button.  Otherwise, do whatever you want to do with it.  It is you art and yours to keep unless you sell it.