Introduction: Making Kings of War Land Map

Making your own table top landscape can be challenging and exciting. After testing and perfecting several different techniques we were able to accomplish our goal and complete a full size working terrain map.

Step 1: Design the Fixed Elements

Kings of War is a table top based game that uses figures to fight out mock battles with dice and modifiers. As the armies move across the map they might encounter different obstacles, terrain or other armies. Some of these terrains or obstacles can act as difficult terrain, reducing the impact of certain armies. Each board can take on different characteristics to play a bigger or less significant role in the game and for this board we decided to make a simple layout with some open rock outcroppings that we could later modify with moveable terrain.

These initial rock outcrops have to go on first and were glued, painted, and dry brushed first before we could to go the next step. Dont worry to much about over painting the board, we will cover it up later with the grass. Other fixed elements could also have been included, but its best to do so before the next step so the elements are more incorporated with the board.

Step 2: Add the Grass

In order to make the board more lifelike grass can be added. In this case a simple mix of sawdust and green paint was sifted through to get the fine particles out and used as a sprinkle cover on a thin layer of glue. The glue dries clear when applied as a thin layer, and the grass particle stick well to it when applied evenly over the surface. Spreading the grass onto the glue is best to avoid any clumps. And thats about it! Other elements can always be added, like moveable terrain, but that is a simple way to get a board ready for game play.

Step 3: