Making Lattes at Home




Introduction: Making Lattes at Home

This short instructable shows how to make cheap lattes at home.

Step 1: Get Necessary Items

To make lattes at home, you need the following items:

  1. Water
  2. Espresso coffee
  3. Moka pot
  4. Milk
  5. Plunger frother/French press
  6. Creamer mug

It is better to have espresso ground (fine ground) coffee to make a good espresso shot. You can use regular ground as well, but the food-chemistry with that is a little bit different due to the size of the ground. I have tried both types of grounds several times and I prefer fine ground. For milk frothing, any type of milk will do the job. I have also used almond milk to make lattes before.

Step 2: Pack Your Moka Pot and Make Your Coffee

Fill the lower chamber of the Moka pot with water, as long as the valve is still above water. Pack the filtered section of the Moka pot with ground coffee and screw the top on. Make sure screw top is tight, so no water leaks from the Moka pot when the coffee is being brewed.

Brew coffee on medium heat until it is ready.

Step 3: Get the Milk Ready

Microwave the milk for a little over a minute. That will get it warm enough for making a nice micro-froth. Pour the hot milk into the French press/plunger frother. Use the plunger to froth the milk and avoid making messes.

Step 4: Once Ready, Make Your Latte

Pour the milk into the creamer mug and start pouring the milk into your latte mug. Slowly do this process and make sure the milk is added in a circular manner so there is sufficient mixing of milk and espresso in the mug. Be careful while adding the last bit of milk; this is where the artsy look comes together.

Step 5: Ready!

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    Making it yourself is always better than getting it from a coffee shop. You save money and you can make it exactly like you like it.