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Hi all.

I recently bought this wrist watch in a charity shop for just £2, but soon its original band started to fall apart. I decided to make a replacement by my own. I hope you enjoy this tutorial :)

Step 1: Tools Needed

Of course except leather itself I needed some tools. I've used some basic ones as (affiliate links):

Step 2: Cutting the Band

As a first step I've cut the leather band to desired width. I've also added adequate length for a buckle.

Step 3: Fitting the Buckle

This part of leather had to be reduced from thickness, and I've used leather skiver to achieve this. Leather should be skived on the full length of surface which will be glued. We are aiming to have this part after gluing as thick as band thickness is itself.

I've also transferred and cut buckle tongue hole. To help leather bend, I did some grooves at the back. After spreading leather adhesive and waiting to become sticky I clamped it and left to dry. I've also cut round other end of a strap.

Step 4: Stitching

This part was I think the most time consuming.

First I had to make grooves all way around the strap. Then before stitching I had to punch stitching holes and glue a wee loop strap, the one that secures the band. Stitching itself is very time consuming but if you only keep the way you stitch constant, effects are very pleasing.

To end up stitching I exit with thread between glued leather, tightened the not ans secured it by melting loose ends.

Step 5: Spring Bar Holders

This step required more attention to the details.

Spring bar holders were first reduced from thickness with the same method as a buckle part, cut to the width of the watch, then glued together with leather adhesive.

After cutting the shape I've repeated steps I did with strap: making groove, punching holes and gluing. The only difference was bevelling the edge a bit, and burnishing it with wooden burnisher. After glue set up, I've stitch it together with the band.

The last step was to punch a hole for a buckle tongue.

Step 6: Final Effect

So there it is. I hope this instructable will be somehow useful for you. It may not be made according to the rules, but I'm not educated in this craft. The main point is: don't be afraid to try!

Step 7:

For detailed tutorial please visit my YouTube channel.

Have a good day :)

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