Introduction: Making Mini Christmas Ornaments

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Making miniature Christmas Ornaments is easy and inexpensive. Buying pre-made miniature Christmas ornaments will cost you significantly more that .05 cents to .8 cents each that it will cost you to make your own.

I needed a lot of ornaments for the Christmas house, better than 200 of them. They cost me in total no more than about $20.00 to make. That being said I bought enough supplies to make many more than 200. A 16 inch string of pearl finish beads contains about 63 beads per string. I purchased strings of pearl finish beads in dark red, dark green, white, and gold. I also purchased some bulk corrugated gold beads, filigree gold beads, and some glass beads as well. So in total I purchased close to 350 beads. I spent in total just under $38.00 which includes everything I needed to make these.

I prefer the pearl finish beads and the gold metal beads the best. They most resemble the glass Christmas round ornaments we are all familiar with. On a side note, Christmas charms also make great ornaments. Buy mixed lots wholesale and they will run between .04 cents to .25 cents each. The most expensive were the Pave Beads and run about .50 cents each, however they are stunning. I used about 25 in total.

Step 1: What Will You Need

There are just a couple of basic items that are needed to make these:

1. Headpin, gold-plated brass, 1 inch, 21 gauge

2.6mm pearl finished beads dark red, dark green, gold, golden, and white.

3. 6mm Bead caps gold finish: Filigree Bead Caps, Flower Bead Cap, Filigree basket. There are many types and styles of bead caps, search for the styles you prefer.

4. Round nose, side cutter, and wire cutting pliers.

Step 2: Assembling the Ornaments

Simply take a head pin, add a bead cap to the bottom, add the bead, then add the the top bead cap. Take the round nose pliers and wrap the pin end around to make an eye at the top of the ornament.

Mix and match beads and bead caps to create a wide variety of finished ornaments.