Introduction: Making Money in Fable 3

This sequence, if followed (edit to fit your moral standing preferances) allows one to raise FAR more than enough to fight off the darkness, AND have enough money to buy anything, anywhere, anytime. The idea of this method is to raise the money for the darkness battle BEFORE you go to Aurora. This allows you to (once you are king) make honourable and benevolent, a.k.a "costly," decisions; AND have WAY more than enough to save albion.

Step 1: Getting Started

Step #1: Blacksmithing is the most efficient job. Use that to earn money to buy real estate.

Step 2: Buying Real Estate

Step #2: Buy various buildings, and keep the rent/prices on highest(keeping your prices/rent on highest is optional if you value the opinions of the public). Continue doing blacksmithing jobs in the meantime.

Step 3: Keep on Buying

Step #3: Buy more buildings until you are earning about 10,000 gp every 5 minutes. At this point, blacksmithing is optional.

Step 4: Buy the Towns

Step #4: Continue buying buildings in this order; everything in The Dweller Camp, everything in The Mercenary Camp, everything in Silverpine Forest, everything in Mourningwood (excluding the Fortress-thats optional), and everything in Brightwall.

Step 5: Millfields

Step #5: Start saving up money until you can buy all 3 mansions in Millfields, starting with the most expensive and working your way down.

Step 6: Then Your Good

Step #6: Continue buying buildings in any order you want until you have all of them.

Step 7: Get the Crown

Step #7: Do steps 1-6 BEFORE you go to Aurora. Run around doing quests and/or waiting around doing nothing until you have about 15,000,000 gp. Go to Aurora and complete all the quests there, plus the rebellion quests that follow. After that, at the first available moment, go to the Sanctuary, climb up the gold pile, and get the key. Go back to the game, and as soon as you walk into the castle treasury, put all of your gp into the treasury. Go back to the Sanctuary and get the Swinging Sword from the chest that is now revealed in the Treasure Room.

Step 8: Bcns

Bonus Advice: any houses you own will need to be periodically repaired. It is confirmed that all houses lose 1% of their condition every 5 minutes; in other words, every time you get paid, all the houses you own lose 1% of their condition rating. Once you have the money to spare, go back to all the houses you own, and repair all of them to 100%. From then on, make sure that all your houses are at 100% at the same time. It is much easier to keep track of what houses need to be repaired if all of them operate on the same schedule.

Step 9: Bcns

Perhaps the most productive strategy is to bet 5,000 on the The Colonel and Mostly Slow Joe, and 10,000 on Mr. Cluckles. This will net you at least 90,000 if Joe wins, and over 1 million if the Colonel wins. However, if Mr. Cluckles wins - which is highly likely - then you'll win 30,000, which covers the amount you bet, plus 10,000. By saving the game after each win by Mr. Cluckles, you'll gradually increase your gold, while still allowing for the chance to net a huge win with either The Colonel or Mostly Slow Joe.

The Colonel - 200:1 odds.

The Feathered Avenger - 6:5 odds.

Two-Wings Timmy - 5:1 odds.

Mostly Slow Joe - 18:1 odds.

Mr Cluckles - 2:1 odds.

Step 10: Disclaimer

THIS IS A COMPILATION OF OTHER PEOPLE'S METHODS. I DID NOT CREATE THESE. I read of them somwhere, I forget where, SO he/she whom created these mthods, you know who you are. I credit you. I have just been trying to share these INCREDIBLE methods with whomever will listen. Sorry I copied these almost word for word.