Making Multiples of 2D Shapes the Old School Way




Introduction: Making Multiples of 2D Shapes the Old School Way

If you don't have access to a CNC Router (SHOPBOT!) and you want to make multiples of the same shape, you can do it the old school way and get the same results. It just might take a little bit longer, but the outcome is the same.

(If i win the ShopBot i'll make plenty of these and give them to instructables, they are very comfy!!)

Things you'll need:

  - template shape (existing or made from scratch)
  - Router table/Hand Router
  - Flush Trim Router bit
  - scrap plywood
  - double stick tape/finish nailer

Step 1: Make Your Template

Make a template.

Use material that is easy to smooth over (MDF) because flush trim bits pick up on any inconsistency in your template. Those inconsistencies translate to the duplicate pieces you create. I used a piece of CDX ply because it was all I had around although this is not an ideal material in that it is hard to get a clean edge.

Step 2: Rough Cut the Duplicates

Trace the template onto your other pieces and rough cut them on a band saw or scroll saw. Cut as close as 1/4" away from the actual cut line.

Step 3: Attach the Template to the Rough Cut Duplicate

Using double stick tape or brad nails, attach the template to the rough cut duplicate.

Step 4: Use a Flush Trim Bit to Make the Copy

A flush trimming bit has a bearing either at the top or at the base that can ride along the template. While it is riding the template, the blade is set flush so that it removes any material that corresponds with the surface. Thusly, you get a copy of the template.

Step 5: Cut All the Parts

Using the same template, I removed the legs and kept the top kidney bean shape to build up the seat portion of the stool.

Step 6: Glue It and Clamp It

glue it and clamp it!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I love the idea, it's simple and seems effective.
    I'm personally not keen on the instagram look of your pictures... I would have preferred more detailed and clear images.
    Thanks for the great instructables!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Just got a new router table for this very reason! Thanks for the reminder!