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Introduction: Making of Ring Necklace

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In this instructable I well go over the process I used to make my Ring Necklace.....let start

Step 1: Tools & Materials

image 1 - Safety glasses, ID tag chain, jewellery saw, knitting needle, PCL plastic.

image 2 - Thick Aluminium wire, Thin cooper wire

image 3 - Hard Cardboard tube

image 4 - Needle nose plier, small wooded dowel

image 5 - Pack of JewellerySaw blades

image 6 - Hobby screw with drill bit attachment

image 7 - Metalwork file ( square, flat, round shape )

Step 2: Coiling & Cutting 1(large Ring )

image 1 - Coil the Aluminum wire around the cardboard tube creating an Aluminum coil/spiral.

image 2 & 3 -Attached the saw blade to jewellery saw. Making sure the saw blade is tightly attached to the jewellery saw frame.

image 4 - Begin sawing the coiled Aluminium wire from the top downwards.

image 5 - Jewellery saw blade tend break very frequently. Unrfortunately this part does require a bit of practices and patience.

image 6 - Replace saw blade and continue cutting.

image 7 & 8 - The result of sawing. Now repeat the cutting process till you finished cutting the whole coil

Step 3: Coil Cutting 2 (Small Ring)

image 1 - Coil Aluminium wire on the smaller dowel to create smaller rings.

image 2 - Setup and prepare jewellery saw for cutting.

image 3 - Start cutting the aluminium coil.

image 4 - Repeated the cutting process.

image 5 - The end result. Two sets of cut aluminium coils.

Step 4: Making the Rings

image 1 - place the cut coil between the plier jaws. Alinging the two cut section

image 2 - Carefully squeeze the plier to joint the two halfs

image 3 & 4 - Process is repeated to all coils

Step 5: Cleaning Up

image 1 - Setup the rings and metalwork file.

image 2 & 3 - Begin to remove mark made during the plier and sawing step.

image 4 - Cleaning the inside surface.

image 5 - The cleaned end result

*Sandpaper can also be use for and even cleaner finish.

Step 6: Layout and Planning

image 1, 2, 3, 4 - At this stage I step back. Work out the pattern and design of the neaklace.

Step 7: Adding Colour

image 1 to 12 -

PCL (Polycaprolactone) is a bio plastic that can be soft in warm/hot water to the consistency of chewing gum. It is very pliable in its soften state and very hard when cool.

Place some PCL pellets in a shallow cup of warm/hot water and as the plastic gets heated it becomes transparent meaning it is now pliable. Mix some colour PCL to make a Red and yellow colour blob. Take the blob of PCL and divided it into small ball. Take the small ball of PCL and squzeed it into the rings (image 6) . Repeat this step to all the rings

Step 8: Making Holes

image 1 & 2 - Take the hobby screw with the drill bit attachment and being making two hole on opposite side of the plastic. Repeat this step to all rings

image 3 - laying out the necklace pattern

Step 9: Making the Linked

image 1, 2, 3 - (Put on Safety glasses) Take copper wire and begin coiling it on the knitting needle in a "8" motions . Repeat this till you have enought for you necklace. Begin cutting the "8" to form "S" shapes

image 4, 5, 6, 7 - Start inserting the "S" shape hooks into the hole on the Plastic. Repeat this step until all rings are linked.

image 8 - The end result of linked rings

Step 10: Completing the Neacklace

*Cut ID tag chain in half

image 1 - Take leftover copper "S" and begin coiling one side of it

image 2 - Take one side of the cut ID chain and insert it into the coil. Tighten the coil so the chain is now attach to the copper "S"

image 3 - Repeat on the other side

image 4 - Now insert the hook half itnto the end of the ring necklace.

image 5 - Repeat on the other side

image 6 - And this is the end result. A ring neaklace

I hope you have found this walk through useful. Feel free to ask question or leave a comment.

Thank ivezsy

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