Introduction: Making Old HP Laptop Useful!

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Hey hey, Thanks for visiting my Instructable!
In it, i'll show you how to make old laptop useful!
In This tutorial, i'll use old HP Compaq nx7400 laptop, with Intel Centrino Duo procesor. It's based for Windows XP.
So, let's go!

Step 1: Disassembling and Cleaning

For first step, you need to disassemble the laptop! For those that don't know what that is, disassembling is getting laptop for parts, to get the things easier! You need some screwdrivers.
When you end, you need to clean some things. For first, the screen. For it, you should use alcohol and a cloth. You need to be very careful, because in the angles of screen, are electronics placed. Don't put too much liquid, or you can injure the screen! When you do it, open the Center of the laptop, and clean the components, with same things as before. But you still need to be careful! Now, to the next step.

Step 2: Replacing the RAM

The RAM is the Random-access Memory. It's very important in every computer or laptop. This laptop has two 512MB RAM bones. It only has 1GB of RAM, what means it's very weak. In this step, we will replace it. These are the steps:
Step 1: Buy new RAM bones. You can buy them from Internet, or from computer shop. In this tutorial i'll buy two 2GB RAM bones for laptops.
Step 2: Replacing! Replacing is very easy. You just need to open the case, and replace it, and it's done! And the next step is...

Step 3: Optional: Replacing CPU

(This step is optional).
If you want, you can replace your CPU (processor) in your laptop. But, if the CPU is glued to the motherboard, you can't do it! But if you don't, here are the steps!
1. Buy that CPU. The CPU must be compatible with the motherboard.
2. Place it! Unlock the socket and replace the CPUs. And you're done! And the next step!

Step 4: The OS

Now, the last thing. The OS. For that HP laptop, there can't be such big OS, like Windows 10. Ubuntu, Lubuntu is the best option. To install that OS, follow these steps:
1. Boot from install. You can record from from USB or CD.
2. Select Language and follow the steps. Just follow the steps on PC. And If you install it, it's done!

Step 5: The End

You finished! The laptop is complete! Congratulations! Have a nice day using it and please vote on me in the Trash to Treasure contest!

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