Introduction: Making Old Phone Ring Again

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Hi, my name is Lazar and this is my first Instructable. Here I will show and explain how I managed to connect old phone with tree wires coming out of it to a new system with only two wires.
This was pretty easy to fix and is going to be short and clear.


1. RJ11 phone cable
2. Screwdriver
3. Soldering iron and solder

Step 1: Remove the Screws and the Mask

Find where the screws are placed, and remove them. Then remove the mask and dialer. Piece of cake.

Step 2: Find the Cable With Tree Wires

Inside there are a few connections: for the headphone, the dialer, the bell and phone cable. You need to disconnect that tree wires coming out the phone cable. In my case those wires were green, white and brown, but it can also be red, green and yellow.

In the new cable with RJ11 phone jack there are 4 wires but only 2 are in use, green and red.

In order to make the old phone work again you need to connect those two wires to old tree wires.

If your phone has green, white and brown wires you will connect red to old green and green to old white and brown.
If your phone has red, green and yellow wires you will connect red to red, and yellow and green to green wire.

Step 3: Reassemble the Phone

Reassemble it by firs inserting dialing wheel, then the mask and finally: screws.

Step 4: The Test

Here you can see that it works.

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