Introduction: Making Orange Tea Using Peels

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Oranges are delicious, and nutritious. They can make many recipes, and drinks. But whenever we use them, we just throw the peels away. What can you do with them? In this Instructable you will learn how to make Orange Tea Using its PEELS. I know right? Peels.


•Orange Peels(half of an orange)
•Honey(2 teaspoons)
•Boiled Water
•Piece of Lemon/Lime/Orange(optional)

See? Only 4 ingredients.

What if you are vegan? No problem :)

•Vegan Recipe

•Orange Peels(half of an orange)
•An vegan sweetener like sugar(two teaspoon)
•Boiled Water
•Piece of lemon/lime/orange (optional)


•Water boiler
•Two empty cups
•Convection Oven

*Note that honey is not vegan since it is produce by bees, you can try the vegan recipe even if you're are not vegan, if you don't like honey :)

*Also note that since this only makes one serving you can double, triple, quadruple it.

Step 1: Cut the Peels Into Triangle Shapes, Wash the Peels, Then Put Them in the Convection Oven for 5-7 Minutes at 250°F

This should warm up the oranges, you can put it on a longer time, I just stopped because my smoke detector was on lol XD Make sure you don't cut your hand or get burned!

Step 2: While Waiting, Boil Water

Mine is an automatic boiler so it would stop boiling by itself. However, you can use a microwave to heat up water, microwave the water for around 3-5 minutes.

Step 3: While Waiting, Get a Cup and Pour Honey/sugar

Make sure don't overfill two teaspoons, if you do, you won't even notice a scent of orange in your tea. Also, you need to use a cup save from heat!!! If you use the plastic ones, it will melt by the boiling water

Step 4: When Done Heating the Peels, Pour Them Into the Same Cup

Make sure you don't get burned, if you need to wash the peels again, go ahead, I washed mine because it had grease everywhere lol

Step 5: When the Water Is Done Boiling, Pour It Into the Cup, Then Cover the Cup With a Small Plate for 5 Minutes

Make sure the plate is not too big or small or you will have a mess XD

Step 6: While Waiting, Get Another Cup, But Smaller, Then After 5 Minutes, Get the Cup of Tea and Transfer the Drink to Other Cup, Make Sure You Leave the Peels Behind and Discard Them

Now decorate your tea using lemons, limes, oranges, or even small umbrellas lol XD


And as a bonus for over 3000 views total on my account the calories if this recipe is

Only around 15-20 calories, depending if you need the Vegan Recipe or not


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