Making Professional Voice Overs Using Garage Band and IMovie

Introduction: Making Professional Voice Overs Using Garage Band and IMovie

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This is a tutorial on how to utilize garage band to integrate vocals into your iMovie projects while also being able to edit original background content. Making professional voice overs is not an exact science, it takes time and alot of practice. This is a simple step by step how to video for people who are new to garage band and imovie.

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The How to Mac

Record your voice or acoustic instrument to a Real Instrument track 1. Click the track header of the Real Instrument track you want to record.
2. Click the Record button (the round one with a red circle). Your song will play, and anything you play or sing will be recorded. Notice that a new region appears as you play.
3. When youre finished with the part you want to record, click the play button to stop recording.

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