Introduction: Making Pulled Pork for Christmas the Old Fashioned Way

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I made 30 portions of Pulled Pork using a #9 Griswold Cast Iron pan, an Amish Lindy Stainless Steel pot and it was cooked for 5 hrs on a Perfection Kerosene Stove.

Step 1: The Spices.

This is a very simple recipe. It doesn't require a lot of spices, just sweet onions, oregano, whole black peppercorns, garlic powder and your choice of sauce.

Step 2: This Recipe Also Doesn't Require a Smoker or Crockpot

All I use is my Amish 9 element stainless steel pot. 9 layers on the bottom prevent burning.

Step 3: The Heat Source: a 1957 Hupp/Perfection K12, 2 Burner Kerosene Stove

The meat is cooked on this stove for 5 hrs at a low Blue flame.

Step 4: After 5 Hrs, This Is What You Get.

Step 5: After Shreading, There Is Still More to Do!

You still have another hour of stewing to go!

Watch the video for all the details here.