Introduction: Making Radar Using Arduino, Ultrasonic Sensor, and MATLAB

In this project we are going to make a simple radar to detect obstacles.
Range depends on the range of the Ultrasonic sensor we used (in this project : 3 meter) .

Step 1: Components

Components :

1 - Arduino Uno
2 - Ultrasonic Distance Sensor ( link :
3- Servo Motor.

Step 2: Wiring and Connections

1- Connect Ultrasonic sensor (5V and GND) to Arduino (5V and GND).
2- Connect Ultrasonic sensor (SIG) to Arduino (Digital pin 8).

3- Connect Servo motor (5V and GND) to Arduino (5V and GND).
4- Connect Servo motor (SIG) to Arduino (Digital pin 9).

5- Connect Arduino Uno to your Computer using USB cable.

Step 3: Coding

There are two code files attached in this step :
The first one for Arduino and the other of MATLAB.

for Arduino code :
you don't need to modify it , just upload it on Arduino.

for MATLAB code :
you need to modify line 28 ( s1 = serial('COM12'); )
to your new com port # .

NOTE : Before closing MATLAB, close the serial port by writing "s1.close()" in MATLAB workspace.