Introduction: Making Ramen Noodles!

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I've seen a lot of instructables on making ramen noodles, but most seem to use noodles from the packets. I would like to share with you, how i make ramen noodles. This is just the dough and noodle, this is not the finished product. My other instructable will have the finished meal.

Im fairly self taught in this area, it comes naturally. So i may do something different to others, and i may miss explaining things well. Feel free to make a comment and ask all the questions you like :)

For making the soup base and dressing the ramen, please go HERE to my other instructable.

Thanks for reading!

Step 1: What You Will Need.

You really do need a pasta machine for this, unless your a pasta pro, then in that case.. you probably wouldnt even be reading this. I also missed out on putting an egg in this picture, my bad :s

1) Pasta Machine
2) All purpose flour
3) Oven proof baking dish
4) Bi-Carb Soda (not necessary, but i prefer it.)
5) Mixing bowl
6) Olive Oil
7) Salt
8) Water
9) Knife and spoon and chopping board
10) Egg

Step 2: Making Sodium Carbonate.

You can skip this step if you didnt get the bi-carb/baking soda.

I take about a teaspoon full of the bi-carb powder and spread it out in the bottom of my oven safe dish and i preheat the oven to about 100C, which is about 200F roughly. Once warm, i bake this powder for about an hour. The heat turns it into Sodium Carbonate. Pretty easy huh? :)

I sourced my information for this from HERE

Step 3: Combine.

Combine the ingredients. A good pinch of salt, Roughly 1/4 teaspoon sodium carbonate, teaspoon of oil and egg in a bowl first. (yes I'm aware i do this differently.) Then i mix in small handfuls of flour until i get a good feeling dough. I kneed the dough for a while, about 5 minutes, on a chopping board, putting flour on the board and on my fingers as i go until im happy with it. You do not need to kneed it too much, as the pasta machine can give it a really good work out on its own.

Step 4: Start Making Your Noodles.

I start the machine on the biggest setting, 1. I feed it through at least 10 times, taking it out and folding it in half and doing it again each time. This smooths it and mixes it really well, you may need to flour it as you go so it doesn't play hard to get with you. When it stop tearing and looks nice and smooth, you can change the setting to smaller, feeding it through a couple times again, before getting smaller again. I do this til i get to a setting of 6 or 7. You may need to cut the pasta, as it gets really long and sheets of long pasta are hard to work with.

I then use the angel hair setting on my pasta maker, and this makes perfect sized ramen noodles. See picture #2

I cooked up a small amount of the noodles so you can see how they would cook up and look cooked.

For storage, i actually weigh them up into about 100g to 150g resealable bags and put them in the freezer. Then when i make my soup mix, i just bring them out and plop them in frozen and let them defrost and cook :)

Enjoy! i hope i have covered everything.

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