Introduction: Making Raspberry Macarons

Hello everyone and welcome to this tutorial. Here you will learn how to make raspberry macarons. Just follow these steps with the materials and ingredients listed below. Have fun making these delicious little sweets and eating them afterwards! Make sure to eat the macarons within 24 hours after making, because the raspberries will not remain fresh longer than 24 hours. You can make the dough on day and fill the macarons on a later day. Simply store the baked macarons in a airtight container until you are ready to fill them.

Estimated time for making 40 Macarons:

Making process – 50 minutes

Drying period – 30 minutes

Baking time – 14 minutes

Cooling time – 80 minutes


200g (3/4 cup) grinded Almonds

200g (3/4 cups) powdered sugar

75ml Tab water

200g ( 3/4 cups) refined sugar

2 x 80g Egg white (4 eggs typically)

Red food colouring

Raspberry jam

100g fresh raspberries


2 large plastic bowls

1 electric mixer

1 whisk

1 plastic spatula

1 piping bag/ pastry bag

2 baking trays

2 sheets of baking paper

1 pen

1 piece of cardboard

1 sieve

1 thermometer

1 metal pot

1 grinder

Step 1:

Firstly start by placing all of your ingredients onto your kitchen counter or into the same area. This will help you to grab what you need later on more easily.

Step 2:

Place the 200g of almonds and the 200g of powdered sugar into a grinder and grind these two ingredients for approximately 5 minutes.

Step 3:

Once you have done this, take the sieve and run the 200g of almonds and the 200g of powdered sugar through it. This will make sure that no large pieces of almonds or sugar will be included in the macaroons.

Step 4:

Put the 200g of refined sugar into the metal pot and add the 75ml of water to it. Place the pot onto your stove and heat the pot until the water boils. Do not stir while the water is heating. Use the thermometer to measure the temperature of the water.

Step 5:

While the water is heating, separate the yolk from the egg white. Beat 80g of egg white until they turn white and fluffy. This can either be done by using a machine, as shown above, or by using a whisk and a bowl.

Step 6:

Once the temperature of the Sugar Syrup in the pot reaches 105°C, start stirring the mixture quickly. When the syrup has reached 115°C, take the pot off of the stove and slowly let it run into the beaten egg whites while stirring these. Continue stirring for the egg whites mixed with the syrup for about 10 minutes, as this will cool down the beaten egg whites.

Step 7:

Take the mixture of powdered sugar and grinded almonds and mix it with the remaining 80g of egg white. Mix them until it becomes a smooth paste.

Step 8:

Divide the mixture of egg whites and sugar syrup into three parts and slowly fold one third of this syrup underneath the almond paste using a spatula. Drop a few drops of red food colouring into the mixture to generate a pink dough.

Step 9:

Once a smooth paste is generated, fold the remaining two thirds of sugar syrup underneath the almond paste. Continue adding red food colouring to intensify the colour of the mixture.

Step 10:

Fill the newly generated mixture into a piping bag. Place a sheet of baking paper onto one of the baking trays. Using your pencil, draw 40 circles of the same size onto a sheet of cardboard. You might want to use a shot glass as a template, because this is about the size the macaroons will be later on. Place this sheet of cardboard underneath the backing paper. Now take the piping bag and place the dough into the premade circles. Let the dough dry for approximately 30 minutes at room temperature. Repeat the same procedure on another baking tray. In total you should have made 80 circular pieces of dough.

Step 11:

Preheat the oven to 150°C/ 300°F. Once the drying period is over, take the baking trays and place them into the oven for 14 minutes.

Step 12:

Remove the macaroons from the oven and place the baking paper onto a moist kitchen towel. Let the macarons cool there for approximately 20 minutes.

Step 13:

Wash the fresh rasperries and make sure that none of them are filled with worms or other insects. Mix the rasperries with some raspberry jam in a small bowl. Be sure to mash up the rasperries completely. This will be the filling.

Step 14:

Once the macaroons have cooled for 20 minutes, take a tee spoon and slowly and flip 40 of the baked half circles around and put some filling onto them. It is completely up to you how much filing you would like to make. After putting the filling on top of the 40 half circles, put the other 40 half circles on top. You should now have 40 macarons.

Step 15:

Lastly, put the macarons into the fridge for approximately 1 hour before serving them.

Thank you very much for following my instructions. I hope you enjoyed making these macaroons. In case you did, experiment with different fillings for the macaroons. There are endless different combinations. Hopefully you’ll do me the honour of redoing this tutorial soon!