Introduction: Making Scratch Games (FNaF)

About: I have a Scratch account so please go check it out. ( I'm going to do a MANY more Instructable's about Scratch.

I, eevee1tree. Shall Show YOU how to make a FNaF Game on SCRATCH!!! If you don't know Scratch its a Programing website where you can make games, animations, art, and with that we can make games like our subject for today a FNaF game.

Step 1: Menu Crafting

The Background:

Start with a simple black screen, use the "Rectangle" tool to make a square, make sure it cover's the whole screen and its only on the background (More detail's about the tools on an Instructable soon) after you do this i suggest making your main character and putting them in the what i like to call "The Void". after making this background its on to the buttons.

The buttons:

so for the buttons take the "Rec" (Rectangle) tool to make a small black square and add a white outline of 10 (Again I will explain this in another Instructable). use the "Text" tool with the font PIXEL and type START in the text box, drag the START into the box and BOOM, you made a start button. start coding the button with the "When this sprite clicked" and after that put hide and broadcast Start (Click new message when you click the dropdown menu for the broadcast and type start).

Step 2: Making a MASTER PIECE OF ART

Making the Office and doors:

first is to start by making a simple office with these objects (Table, T.V, Phone. "Optional: Poster, Plush, Windows, Shading, Webs). make another sprite for the doors and their animations (I will make Sprites and animations for doors as a preset later on). Make the buttons for the doors and the code for the doors (As demonstrated in the photo).


Make a button for the CAMS and add code to make it show the cameras. Add Camera buttons and code to change the cams, this is very simple to make the code just do the same thing I did on the picture and add a code on your cameras to make it change when it broadcasts. then make the art for you cams and add your animatronic in the photo.


Timing out:

To make the timer is very simple, just make a variable call "Time" and have it set to 12 when green flag is clicked, once you make the timer variable then just add another script that sets the timer to 1 and change it up by 1 every 60 seconds (This is one minute just like the first night of the actual FNaF game). add a broadcast block called 6 am to then make it end the night and you either win or go onto the next night.

Making the A.I.:

To make the AI is very simple just make a variable called "A.I." and change it so as the variable timer goes up, the AI goes down (Why I say down is because the lower the variable the faster the animatronic). make two separate Cameras for each cam, one for the animatronic being on that camera, and another where the animatronic is not there. make another variable called "Animatronic" and have it so that when it equals 1, the animatronic will be in cam 1 same thing but with 2 (I will be using eevee1tree as my animatronic for now).

Step 4: Finishing Up

The end-ish:

to finish up your FNaF game, add a door mechanism so that when the door is closed, [Animatronic name] does not jumpscare you. add some ambience and some more cams and rooms if you made what I did.

The END:

make one last thing to make the ending and other nights (if you want them) then finish up the game with a little bow and send it to your friend's. I hope you E N J O Y E D :)...