Making Seed Tape

Introduction: Making Seed Tape

I always end up dropping seeds, or putting too many seeds or even spacing the seeds wrong. Using seed tape makes the task easier and I use a lot less seeds. It is not difficult to make but it is expensive if you buy seed tape.

The things you will need are:

1. Toilet paper.

2. Flour

3 Pop sickle stick.

4. Small bowl

5. Seeds of choice.

Step 1: Using Flower for the Glue.

I use all purpose flour. Do not use corn flower it can kill plants. When I mix the flower, I make it just thick enough that it will drip slowly off the pop sickle stick. I got my pop sickle sticks at General Dollar. the next thing you will need is toilet paper. If you get too much water it will take the glue a very long time to dry.

Step 2: Put the Flour Glue Onto the Toilet Paper.

Next I have a pop sickle stick that I mark so I know how far apart to put the glue. Then I drop the glue onto the toilet paper using the pop sickle stick as my guide of how far apart to put the glue. I try to make the drops of glue just slightly larger then the seed that I will be placing in the glue. I am placing carrot seeds onto the toilet paper, I stagger them because experience has taught me that I can't plant carrots side by side and they grow just as well so I do not use as much garden space. You just stagger them a little on the seed tape. Next carefully place the seeds on the glue.

Step 3: Next Let the Glue Dry.

The next step is to wait until the glue dries. Make sure that it is dry because in the next step you will be rolling the tape up and it will glue itself together giving you all kinds of problems. As I mentioned earlier make sure you do not put too much water in your flour glue because if you do it will take a very long time to dry.

Step 4:

Once the tape has dried roll it up. I store it in plastic bags that I have marked with the type of seeds and planting instructions.

Step 5: Now Planting Time.

Now that you are ready to plant just use your hoe to dig a trench at the proper depth for your seeds. Lay your seed tape out and unroll it. I place some dirt on the end that I lay down first to keep the wind from blowing it and to make it easier to unroll. Then cover with dirt making sure that you have the depth right for the seeds you are planting. I have really cut my seed usage using this method.

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    7 years ago

    This is a fantastic idea!