Introduction: Making Shelves Out of Drywall

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In this post, I’m going to share with you how to make a shelving unit out of drywall using only 3 basic household tools:a stanley knife, ruler and bottle of PVA glue.

The steps are based on a 1.2 x 2.4m sheet but it can also be made out of offcuts.
We have also created a how-to video and downloadable instructions to help with the making process.


12.5mm Square Edged Drywall

Stanley/ Craft Knife
Metre Ruler
PVA Glue

Step 1: Break Down Drywall Sheet: Mark + Score

Step 2: Break Down Drywall Sheet: Snap + Cut

Step 3: Convert Pieces Into Components: Mark + Score

Step 4: Convert Pieces Into Components: Snap + Cut

Step 5: Score Folds + Cut Notches

- Only score one side of the drywall at the fold lines, do not snap or cut through the back layer of paper. Decide what side you want to score on, as whatever surface you do choose will end up facing outwards on the final bedside table.

- To cut the notches, ensure you score from both sides of the drywall, before pressing harder and harder until the piece is removed. Cut inwards to make sure the plaster doesn't break out.

Step 6: Scrape + Then Glue on Back Shelf Supports

When gluing, ensure the top of the back shelf support is flush with the bottom of the notches e.g. using a ruler.

Step 7: Snap + Fold Sides

Step 8: Glue Up Front Shelf Supports

Also ensure the top edge of the plaster is perfectly flat + smooth (you can do this by scraping the edge with a knife) before gluing the front shelf supports together.

Step 9: Finish (Optional)

Step 10: Final Assembly

Step 11: Finished!

The shelving unit is now completely finished and ready to be put to good use! Enjoy!

If you are interested in seeing what else can be made out of drywall, we have a few other projects which can be seen on our page.