Introduction: Making Some Magnetic Marker Holders

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Whiteboards have factory placed marker and eraser holders on them which are usually attached under them but I'll make marker holders which will help the one writing on the board organize what he's doing even more by having the markers in front of him, specially when he's using a lot of different colored markers and In my opinion, they will give a reputation to the markers!


What you will need is

A pretty short piece of an elastic band

A magnet or two

& glue & scissors & Sewing tools..

Step 1: Twist & Stretch

Take a Whiteboard marker, Twist the elastic band around it once and stretch it. The band must be tight when it is on the marker so stretch it until it won't tear apart.

Draw a line on the band a little after where it reaches the beginning point & cut the band from that part.

Step 2: Sew

Put the sides on each other, sew the ends and then turn the band inside out.

Now put it on the marker for the next step..

Step 3: Glue the Magnet to the Band

In this part with the band on the marker, take one or two magnets* and glue* them on the band.

*using "Hollow Disk Magnets" can be a nice choice too.

*Using hot melt glue can be a nice choice.

take care if using the glue I used or it will end up sticking everything together and you won't be able to take the band off the marker anymore.

Step 4: Let the Glue Dry and Test Them on a Whiteboard

Now after the glue dries put them on the markers and use them.

I first thought they may bother one's hand while writing, since it is an extra volume on the marker, but after trying I was pretty comfortable with it, and I also hope my teacher to whom I gave these as a little present, since I thought he needed them, has had the same feeling.

As the last note, I used the "K.I.S.S" law in making these holders and I highly recommend it to other friends, it is the answer to many questions that pop up while designing and making.

Thanks a lot.

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