Introduction: Making USB Hub From Old Keyboard πŸ”°β™»

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I have a old keyboard which was not in use and also it's keys were bit faulty.So I decided to make good out of it.I took its circuit board and converted it into "USB Hub".It was easy I had to just make few changes.As some keyboards already have port(s).That means they also alow media devices or other devices to plug n play.I tried to explained every thing in a easy way and I think I covered every step.

So Let's Make It.

Step 1: Electronic Work

As shown in picture, This board has two ports.It has four connections where we can connect our wires.

Plus point for me was that It has colours mentioned on it about wire colour coding.The original wire was broken so I had to use a other USB Cable.

Solder wires according to there corresponding colours.

But before soldering wires we have to pass it through our plastic casing hole shown in next step.

Remove the extra part of circuit board board (2) as it will not be in use because every component needed to support USB hub is present on board (1).As shown in image.

Use soldering Iron to remove them.

Step 2: Casing/Plastic Cover

You might have notice that about 70%(or maybe 100%πŸ˜‚) of material I used in my previous projects were recycled and so is in this project.

I made this casing from old Plastic box (Food storage container).

I marked the plastic and then used blade to cut all parts.Then used super Glue to stick them togather.I also used hot glue for extra strength.And then sand it for smooth edges.

Fit board inside container or case and glue it on place.

And you are done.

Our brand new DIY Hub is ready to serve us.

Step 3: Video [Testing]