Introduction: Making Venom Ruber Mask Made From Hot Glue

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You need a Mask for cosplay or for Halloween next year, but for the mask that we really want is not always on sale in stores, or even if you can order the price will be expensive, so why not make it yourself, but we are confused with the material used is silicon where the price is expensive is also difficult to make, to make it also need their own skills, so we will replace silicone with a material that is cheaper and easier to obtain, although this material is not for making masks, but why not if we can make, so follow this instructables :D


  • mannequin head, you can use the sterofoam mannequin
  • Ordinary plastic bag
  • Hot glue stick black and white whit glue gun
  • Masking Tape
  • Paint red
  • velcro

Step 1: Preparation

Prepare the Mannequin with plastic bag and masking tape, wrap the mannequin with a plastic bag and glue it with masking tape to the entire surface of the maniquin, make sure all the curves of the mannequin are covered with tape, so that the mask really fits for us, also make sure the masking tape is anti-hot glue, meaning that the hot glue cannot stick firmly and can be removed with easy. ok now our mannequin has become mummy, you need draw on the mannequin the eyes and mouth the Venom, i chose the venom model on the side, so that when used it won't be too hot, but you can choose another model according to your wishes, we can make the surface with holes so that there is air circulation next step... :D

Step 2: Adding a Black Hot Glue

Ok the mummi Mannequid with drawing venom eyes and mouth is ready, now for put some black hot glue in top oh the mannequin surface, we start by making a line on the image of Venon's eyes and mouth, before that, wait for the hot glue gun to heat up with the right temperature, when pouring the hot glue don't press too much so that the surface of the glue has an irregular texture layer so that it looks more natural.

Do this all over the surface, head, neck, slightly inside the mouth except for the eyes, leaving the eyes empty.

Next Step...

Step 3: Adding a White Hot Glue

this step we put a white hot gloe for Venom eyes and mouth, for mounth just give a thin layer and make a little slightly convex in the center of the mouth to become a venom tongue, next for eyes, is really solid glue you need add more glue on this area, so that the eyes look convex, and will look white when dry.

Next step....

Step 4: Make Venom Teeth

And this is the most important thing for venom, venom teeth, which he uses to eat his enemies, but this time we will make Venom teeth from hot glue, to make it we prepare a surface that is not sticky by a glue gun, you can use the maskin tape or paper former sticker.

First, we prepare a hot glue gun, make sure the glue gun is not too hot, so that the glue that is released is not so runny. and that will make it easier for us to form teeth on the surface that we prepared earlier, remove the glue and shape the teeth on the non-stick surface earlier, make about 15 pairs and adjust the size of each, some are large and taper to the back. wait until the glue cools and dries then take it and attach it one by one to the gums of the Venom mask, fixing it of course by adding glue at the bottom of the teeth.If necessary, also add gums between the teeth for reinforcement. next step...

Step 5: Painting Effect

use a red Paint for coloring the gum along the mouth to the back, also color the tongue in the mouth. if there is use yellow paint to color a small part of the teeth, to make it look more real. Sorry i use the orange Color because i dont have red paint.

Step 6: Releas the Mold

This is the part that is a little difficult and you need to be careful in doing it, carefully remove the mask from the mold of the mannequin, even though the maskin tape is not easy to stick with the gulue gun but sometimes because it is wet or too long it will be a little difficult to open.

First you have to cut off the neck at the back because the neck is completely circular, so you need to cut it off to be able to remove all the masks.

Step 7: Instal Velcro

On the neck that we cut earlier, we need to attach velcro, so that the neck can be fully attached again, and can be opened again too, its function is to hold the mask still attached to our heads

Step 8: Wash Before Use

Wash the mask with soap if necessary use a soft brush, scrub the inside which is the most important, and let the mask dry and ready to wear, the attention of this mask is not to be used for a long time, even though it is made of hollow and have air circulation , but maybe it is not good to inhale this material for too long, as well as the original silicone mask, still not for a long time of use.

how to wear this mask, you just open the velcro that connects the neck, then put on the mask, adjust the position of the mask to our face, and then reattach the neck by connecting the velcro, and one more thing with this mask we can only see with one eye, because the other eye I intentionally didn't make a hole so that it looks like the real Venom and now you are the Venom...



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