Making Wood Carving Knife




Introduction: Making Wood Carving Knife

This instructable shows how to make a carving/whittling knife. With a few steps, you can transform your old pocket knife into carving knife.

Step 1: Gathering Materials and Tools

You will need a few tools and supplies to make a carving knife.
- Old knife with proper blade
- Dremel or some other rotary tool with attachments
- Attachment for cutting. I used some cheap cutting discs I bought from Aliexpress. Also you can use original Dremel attachment for cutting 540.
- Attachment for sharpening, Dremel 932

Step 2: Cutting

First draw a cutting line of desired shape you need on blade and then start cutting with rotary tool.
Safety measures: use a safety glasses and rotary shield attachment.

Step 3: Sharpening and Shaping Blade

Advantage of making your own knife is that you create desired shape. That can be done manually with a sharpening stone or with rotary tool with attachment (932 Dremel for example).

Step 4:

Maybe someone find this usefull.
I used this knife for first steps in whittling and carving projects. Finishing with much more precisely tools, but that's another story...

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    4 years ago

    Nice work! Did you carve that bear in step 4? That looks excellent - I bet you could write up a great instructable all about carving tips. Something like that would be an excellent entry the Pro Tips contest that is running now! ;)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks! Yes, I have carved both figures. The first step, rough work was done with the knife. Details were needed with a much more accurate tool. I will soon upload a detailed carving of the figurehead of the boat model.