Introduction: Making a 3D Printer Data of Case for Electronic Module by Blender.

You need them(Example I used).

3D Printer(TEVO Tarantula)

2D Scanner(CanoScan LiDE 200)

3D Data Editor(Blender)

2D Data Editor(Paint Shop Pro)

Step 1: Scan Your Electronic Modules.

Scan your electronic modules by 2D scanner.

Remember dot per pixel value (dpi) of scanning.

In my case it was 600dpi.

Step 2:

Rotate, trimming and save every image of modules.

Remember the number of pixels of images.

In the case of this module, it was 532 pixels.

I named this image as BH1750_532pix_600dpi.

Step 3:

Read background image in Blender.

Step 4:

Calculate and set the image size.

It is 532 / 600 *2.54 = 2.25cm in here.

[pixel number] divided by [dpi value of scanning (pixel per inch)] times [2.54 (cm/inch)]

Step 5:

And then you can fit the 3D objects to the image of the module in Blender.

Step 6: