Introduction: Making a BEAUTIFUL Ring Box!!

In this instructable I show you how to make beautiful ring box!! It is surprisingly simple and fast!! Hope you enjoy the instructable!!

Don't forget to watch the video!! :)

Step 1: Preparation

Start by cutting off the section of wood you are going use for the box. Once you cut it on the band saw clean up the edges with the disk sander. You could use a table saw for this. In this case we do not have one, so we are going to use our band saw.

Step 2: Drill the Pocket

For the pocket we our going to use a wood forstner drill bit. These are a necessity if you are going to be drilling into wood a lot. Here is a link to a set: Forstner Drill Bit Set.

Step 3: Sanding, Sanding, and More Sanding

Sanding is a very important step. It might not seem necessary at first but it sets off the whole piece, and it adds that touch of quality.

Step 4: Finishing Oil

For my finishing oil I am using mineral oil. You can get mineral oil at the baby section of the store under the name of baby oil. Baby oil is just mineral oil and fragrance, and it's cheap!! Put some oil on a towel and rub it on to the wood. When you put the oil on, you really see the wood come to life!!

Step 5: Hinges

When you put on hinges on the back of a box, make sure to drill pilot holes where your screws will go. Drilling those holes makes the process much easier. Now put in all the screws and we are almost done!!

Step 6: Felt

To clean up the bottom of the pocket put in a piece of felt. This last touch makes it look so much better!!

Step 7: Finished

Now your'e done with your ring box!! :) I am very happy with how this box turned out. Hope you are too!! :)

Don't forget to watch the video for a more in depth process!! :) See you next time!! :)