Introduction: Making a Basic Private Server in Minecraft

Want an easy way to play Minecraft with your friends without all the trolls and annoying people on public servers? Here is the easiest way to make a basic password-protected server! This is made on a mac. I think it is similar to PC, but I don't know.

What you need:

  • A computer
  • Internet
  • Minecraft (Unless you don't want to play on your server)

Step 1: Downloads

There are two things you need to download. First is LogMeIn Hamachi. Second is the Minecraft server client, which can be found by googling "Minecraft Server Download". The one that is up right now is 1.9, the most recent. If you have older versions of minecraft, you can probably find the server client for those too. I put the download for the 1.9 server here, but I was unable to put the hamachi download up. Download both of these, and open hamachi. Create an account.

Step 2: Creating a Network

Once you have made a hamachi account, it will either ask you to create a network, or you will have to manually make a network. On mac the button for this is under manage on the top left corner. Make sure you remember the password. After you have created a network, have your friends who are playing on the server download hamachi and join the server by hitting the join button, and entering the server name and the password

Step 3: The Server Client

Make a folder called whatever you want; I named mine 1.9 Server. Put the client download inside. Double click it. You might have to right click it and hit open if it doesnt open the first time.

Once you do that, it will open up something, but immediately crash. This is normal. Three files will appear in the file besides the client.

Open up the file named "Eula.txt". It will be a text file. Change where it says "eula=false" to "eula=true".

Save the file and exit it. Your server is now complete! Double click on the client file to open it!

Step 4: Joining the Server

Go into minecraft multiplayer. Hit add server. Name the server whatever you want. Now go back to the hamachi window. Right next to the power button symbol is the server address. it should look like or something like that. Do not enter anything after and including the slash. Enter the address in and then hit done. Enter the server and voila! You are in!

To get your friends into the server, make sure they have logged into the network on hamachi and the power button in hamachi is yellow and not white. Then all they should have to do is join the server by using the address you used above.

Step 5: Admin Commands

Since you have the server on your computer, you are in control. You can treat the console as like entering cheats in the chat in-game. Something I recommend is typing "/op (your username)" into the console. This will allow you to have the same power as the console in game. You will be able to use commands on anyone without switching back to the console. You can op other people as well, and to undo this you can type "/deop (name)". Whenever you are done, make sure you type /save-all in either the game or the console before quitting to save the world.

So that is how to make a server! For PC I think it is the same except for something with the java? It says something about that in the picture of where to download the server client. Happy crafting to all of you!

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