Introduction: Making a Bic Lighter Easier to Use

Everyone uses a bic lighter from time to time. We all know that at times they can be a bit difficult to get to light. The trouble comes from the child tamper resistant spring that sits above the flint wheel. The spring is rather strong and not really necessary. The lighter is much easier to use once this spring has been removed.

Do not preform this modification if children (or those who act like children) are going to be anywhere near the lighter

Also, be careful when working with the lighter, it is full of flammable material and could explode if you do something wrong.
Safety glasses are not a bad idea for this project

That said...

Step 1: What You Need

1. Bic lighter. (large or small)
2. Prying tool. Small flat head screw driver works best. do not use a knife blade
3. Pliers.

Step 2: The Operation.

1. Light the lighter. Take note of the amount of force you need to exert on the spring to make it light.
2. Use the screw driver to pry up the wings that hold the spring in place.(pic 1)
3. Use the pliers to pull the spring out by the lip on the end of the spring. (pic 3)
4. Use the screw driver to push the wings back down to where they were (pic 5)
5. Try the lighter...see, isn't that better.

toss the spring in the trash, put your tools away and your done.
pretty soon you will hate using any bic that is not "fixed" like yours.

It is now very important that children be kept away from this lighter