Introduction: Making a Borg Headset

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I needed a headset for a 'Cyborg' shoot. I decided to try and get something a bit like the Borg one off Star Trek.

Materials used:

One cheap broken set of PC headphones
Some packing sponge
Old computer cards (I used a couple of soundcards rescued from scrap).
Paint - Acrylic hobby paint and some matt black spray can enamel
Some scrap PC wiring.

Step 1: Dismantle to Headphones

This came about as a happy accident really. I was stripping out bits of old scrap to see what could be salvaged for projects.

I realised that the plastic of the ear piece could be cut to form the eye section of the head set. But even better was to follow!

Step 2: Competely Stip the Earphones

Once completely striped down, I found that the centre of the ear pieces were transparent. Result!

There were other bits of plastic moulding that can be adapted as part of the headset.

Step 3: Making the Ear Block

I cut up some packing sponge and glued it together using general purpose glue. The main arm of the headphones were glued in behind the ear protector. One of the ear pads was stuck back on and one of the speakers was glued to some disks of sponge to create the eye piece.

The old soundcards were cut into strips using the Dremel and glued on to the outside of the sponge.

Step 4: Add Some Details

On the outside of the ear block I glued bits from the insides of the headphones, bits of soundcard, a few odd wires and what not.

Step 5: Keep Adding Bits

I tried to completely fill all the sponge areas with bits and bobs from the old PC scrap.

Here we're about 75% of the way through this process

Step 6: Spray It Black

Once you're satisfied with the overall look of the thing, spray it matt black. I used car spray paint from the Auto=parts shop.

Step 7: Attention to the Eye Piece

I separated the eye piece and masked it off to spray paint it.

Once the black has been sprayed on we need to re-assemble the creation.

Step 8: Start the Dry Brushing

Begin gently dry brushing with silver to give a metallic sheen to the headset.

Step 9: Finishing Off

Once the silver has been built up, add some colours to some of the bits.

If I were to make another one of these then i would add a battery and some LEDs for final effect.

If you want to see the final shoot result there is a link below. Please be aware that the image contains non-explicit nudity.

Borg Girl