Introduction: Making a Centrifugal Pump

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Hello everyone,

In this project I will just demonstrate my attempt to make a pump.

The pump which I had in hand, was not a great at all but it did deliver the point.


3D printer




power supply


Step 1: Making the Parts

These are videos are of time lapses of the 3D printing of the parts of the pump.

I have also added a zip folder with all the stl files for the pump.

The only thing you need to know is the outer diameter of the pipe should be 10mm because that is what is the size of the connectors.

I have also added a fusion 360 link for the system. If you are familiar with Fusion 360, you may modify the design for yourself. If there is any major flaw, please let me know.

The slicer I used was Cura and my machine is Ender 3.

Fusion 360 link

Step 2: Assembly

There isn't a lot to speak about the assembly process.

I also used lot of super glue to fix all the parts together and make a good seal.

Just make sure that you don't accidentally glue your finger to the plastic. Also take care that you dont glue the impeller to the casing making it impossible to rotate.

The fumes produced by the glue are pretty strong. Take good care when dealing with such chemicals.

Step 3: Testing

Well it was not very professional test but it was the most fun part of the series.

The pump performed well and did not leak a lot of water.

It general it was good experience as a proof of concept but nowhere near a good centrifual pump.

Thanks for taking the pains to watch/read about my efforts!