Making a Clash of Clans Clock

Introduction: Making a Clash of Clans Clock

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In this quick and easy instructable I'll show you how I made a Clash of Clans barbarian clock.

The app logo is the face of the barbarian with that infamous mustache. This template does make a great clock face but you can pick any character you like.

I picked the barbarian face so I could place the yellow clock hand to make it look like his whiskers.

Thing Needed;

  • clock mechanism with about 1 inch shaft. I picked one with yellow hands to mash his awesome mustache.
  • The printable barbarian template can be found here
  • Printing paper, I used 200g glossy photo paper
  • Approximately 8 x 8 inch MDF 18mm thick
  • Some kind of picture frame hook (for hanging)
  • 1 x 2 inch MDF 18mm thick (for hanging)
  • Two 1 inch screws.
  • Glue, PVA is good

Step 1: Building the Clock

Start by downloading and printing out the template. You can use the one provided or find your own.

Next, trace around your template to your MDF board and cut that out. Bandsaw would be best, but a coping saw or scroll saw will work just as well. Sand if needed.

Find and mark the center point.

Using calipers, measure the circumference of your clock mechanism shaft arm. Find a drill peace about half mm bigger than the mechanism shaft and drill a hole in the center of the MDF board

Next glue the template to your MDF board. Wait

Attach the clock mechanism and add the hands. (Cut hole in paper template if need)

To finish up, glue and screw in a little block at the top and add a hanging hook (See Image)

Set to the correct time, drink tea and play Clash of Clans.

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    6 years ago

    Thanks for the template, was looking for one and found it through here.