Making a Coconut Bowl (Super Easy Way)




Introduction: Making a Coconut Bowl (Super Easy Way)

We'll make cool coconut bowls with the easiest way possible. We can use these bowls for storing Jewelry, coins or we can simply use it for Crushing :P


1. Coconut Whole

2. Scissors

3. Sand Paper (80 Grit)

4. Sand Paper (200-300 Grit)

5. Sand Paper (500-600 Grit)

6. Rotary Tool (Optional)

7. Clarified Butter or Olive Oil.

Step 1: Trimming the Coconut Whole

  • Fetch a coconut whole from the market or the grocery store.
  • Cut the fiber of the coconut with the help of scissors. Be careful and use some force of your hands to take it out completely

Step 2: Cutting the Coconut in Half

  • The coconut should look like the image above after the first step
  • We'll divide the coconut in half with the help of a rubber band and marking it with a marker
  • Cut the Coconut with help of rotary tool or a mini Hacksaw blade

Step 3: Sanding With the 80 Grit

Start Sanding one bowl with the help of the 80 Grit Sand paper.

Note : If you have a Rotary tool like dremel, you can use equivalent grits to sand the bowl

Step 4: Sanding With 200-300 Grit

Sand the bowl with the 200-300 Grit Sand Papers. I personally used 250 grits, but it's not necessary to use 250 specifically. We can use anything between 200-300.

Note : Use equivalent grit on your rotary tool

Step 5: Sanding With 500-600 Grit

Sand the bowl with 500-600 Grit Sand Paper for a while.

we dont need to do it for long as we'll wet sand the bowl after this Step.

Step 6: Wet Sanding the Bowl in a Water Bucket

We'll Sand the Bowl for decent enough time in a bucket filled with water.

Ensure that the bowl stays wet for the whole time.

If done well, your bowl should look like this

Let it Dry for an hour after you are satisfied with the finish of the Bowl

Step 7: Polish It Off With Clear Butter or Olive Oil

Apply an even layer of clear Butter or Olive oil on the Bowl.

This step is very necessary for the longevity of the bowl, so ensure that you've applied enough on it.

Step 8: Let It Cure

Let it Cure for some days. Put this in someplace sunny.

You'll notice that the texture will smoothen out after some days.

Congratulation on your Self-made Coconut Bowl. :)

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    2 years ago



    2 years ago on Step 2

    I love the bowl, and think most of the Instructable is terrific. However, I think that a little more detail is necessary at step 2, on how to cut the coconut in half, and remove the meat from the coconut. The finishing photos and description are most of your Instructable, but I have never seen a coconut cut in half before, and prying the meat off the shell with a butter knife is probably not the best method, if you're going to need the shell intact. :-)


    Reply 2 years ago

    I'll consider your suggestions for the next time :)


    2 years ago

    Clear photos and finishing maybe day....


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks Mam :)


    Question 2 years ago

    is there a feason for the water? I do not have a dremel. I have the outside nice and smooth. I'm pretty excited. thanks


    Answer 2 years ago

    Water makes the sanding process more easier. The finished texture after wet sanding is going to be better looking as compared to dry sanded one.
    And dremel is not a must have for this project it just makes the initial sanding quick.
    I hope it turns out great for you 😊