Introduction: Making Cool Slides Using PowerPoint

Welcome to creating visually attractive slides using PowerPoint. You will learn all that you need to craft elegant and simple, yet powerful slides that enable you to tell a story.

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Step 1: Forget All the PowerPoint Templates

There may be a million PowerPoint templates that you have and be using now. But forget them, they convey nothing about you or your story. For your next presentation, you are going to be designing and making your slides.

So forget all templates. Choose the blank template.

Step 2: Formatting Backgrounds and Text

Formatting background has to do something with COLOURS.

You may be wondering why are colours important and what role do they play in your presentation...

Colours are connected with emotions

Colours enable you to emotionally connect with the audience.

Refer to the image included to find out which colour connects to which emotion

After deciding which colour suites your slide, format the background

Open PowerPoint >Slide >Right click >Format background >Choose colour
Refer to image

For detailed information, watch the YouTube video.

Step 3: Choose Appropriate Font

The font you choose should have two features


Easily readable fonts include

Helvetica, Garamond, Baskerville and Avenir

These fonts are easily readable because of spacing

Good spacing

In case of giant words spacing should be tight for it to look as words. In case of smaller words, spacing should be normal or loose. REFER TO VIDEO FOR DETAILED INFORMATION.

Step 4: Working With Images and Text

Please watch my YouTube video tutorial for more information on this topic.

To give an idea Use only realistic images and high quality ones.

Step 5: Audience Dynamics

Make sure you use the correct font size to make sure even the last row can see it.

Take a walk around the auditorium if you can to see which text size is recommended.

Use font size anywhere from 50 to 100 for it to be visible

Never use more than 10 words in a slide

Golden rule: Less words on slide, more you speak to be successful.

Step 6: One Point at a Time

For your presentation to be clear, use one point at a time and explain it.

Quick tips: Avoid extremes like shadows, bold and italics

Quick tips: Avoid Cliparts and bullet points

Quick tips: Watch my video tutorial carefully

Step 7: Share With Your Friends

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