Introduction: Making a Geometric Plant Pot With Plaster


a piece polypropylene, pair of scissors, ruler, clear tape, water, a bucket, plaster powder, a spatula, sandpaper, a cutter

Step 1: Draw Base + Flaps for Mould - Square ( Part 1 )

Start out by getting a piece of polypropylene and with a ruler draw out a 6 by 6-centimeter square as shown above. Then using one side of the square that was just drawn as a base for the triangle, measure and mark the middle of the side and draw up a vertical line from that marking. Next, use a ruler to measure the second side of the triangle with a length of 6 cm as shown above, and draw the line. Repeat on the other side to complete the triangle. (Tip - all sides should measure the same length)

Step 2: Cut Shapes + Trace, Cut Triangles

Using the shapes that were just drawn as a guide, cut along the lines the two separate shapes (triangle, square). Next use the triangle that was just cut and trace 7 of those onto the leftover piece of polypropylene as shown above. Then cut out the triangles and you should have 7 in total, excluding the one that was used to trace.

Step 3: Tape Together Net for the Mould

Using the image above as a guide, start by taping the triangles with a white border to each side of the square, the tape on the remaining four triangles (with blue borders) to the left or right sideof the triangles that you have already stuck. Your finished net should look like the one shown above.

Step 4: Assemble the Mould

To assemble the mould begin by folding up two of the white-bordered triangles beside each other, then tape the edge of the blue-bordered triangle to the edge of the other white-bordered triangle. Repeat this till all sides are tape and the mould looks like the one shown above.

Step 5: Draw + Cut Base, Flaps for Core - Square, Rectangle ( Part 2 )

Using a ruler draw a 3 by 3 centimeter square for the base of the core and cut it out. Next draw a 12 by 7 centimeter rectangle and cut, this will be used for the flaps of the core.

Step 6: Tape Together Net for Core

To assemble the core start by sticking the square to the edge of the rectangle side which measures 12 cm, then cut along as shown above. Repeat this till all sides of the square have flaps and the core net looks like the one shown. Lift up two flaps and tape them together, repeat till the core is complete as the image above.

Step 7: Mix + Pour Plaster ( Part 3 )

Now to mix the plaster into a bucket pour 3 small yogurt cups of water followed by 2 small yogurt cups of plaster powder and mix well. (Tip - if the plaster is too watery add more powder, vice versa) Then, pour the plaster mixture into the mould leaving about 1-2 centimeters at the top. Next, push the core approximately 5 centimeters deep right in the middle of the mould and tape it down as shown above. Leave it to dry for at least 30 minutes.

Step 8: De-mould Plant Pot

After letting it dry to de-mould the pot slice the tape around the mould carefully making sure to not slice the pot inside as well and it should easily be removed. To remove the core, squeeze it, twist it around a bit and pull with a bit of pressure and it should come out clean if everything was taped well.

Step 9: Sand, Touch-up

The last step is to sand any excess or uneven surfaces on the plaster and you're done! The finished pot should look something similar to the one above.